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Each winner will receive:
- 2 issues of my zine Staircase Wit:
*Staircase Wit #3 is a decorated roster of the themed radio shows my cohost and I created during our spring semester 2011  over college radio airways. ”Hello my Name is”, “Get Some Grub”, “Daria”, “7 Deadly Sins”, etc.
      ”Your book was awesome, like it a lot. And 4/25/11 was my favorite-
        Simon & Garfunkel and Ramones back to back. Yes!”
            - Derwood Morris of Has Anyone Seen my Shoe? Zine

* Staircase Wit #5 is a collection of mixtapes I’ve made for pen pals, college radio, and past relationships. Includes handout “Laura Lane’s Mix Manifesto” (how to make the perfect mix), also the zine includes a flyer with a link to where you can listen to all the playlists featured in the zine online.
"Rad zine! Killer mixes, great music selection!" - Jennifer Wittendorf
- a unclaimed baggage music blog button!

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P.S. These issues featured along with the rest of my zine series Staircase Wit are available @ my etsy shop: wishfulstitching

It is not sad to be human
nor is living entirely within the earth
demeaning or empty: it is the nature of the mind
to defend its eminence, as it is the nature of those
who walk on the surface to fear the depths—one’s
position determines one’s feelings. And yet
to walk on top of a thing is not to prevail over it—
it is more the opposite, a disguised dependency,
by which the slave completes the master. Likewise
the mind disdains what it can’t control,
which will in turn destroy it. It is not painful to return without language or vision: if, like the Buddhists,
one declines to leave
inventories of the self, one emerges in a space
the mind cannot conceive, being wholly physical, not
metaphoric. What is your word? Infinity, meaning
that which cannot be measured.
Louise Glück, A Village Life (via ivannakiss)